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Why CBD?

By January 25, 2021 No Comments

Why CBD?

In the world of medicine there are, for most conditions multiple different therapeutic options for any given condition.  As there should be, and really as there must be, since one size doesn’t fit all in medicine.  Take depression treatments for example.  There are over a dozen prescription medications and handfuls of non-pharmacologic therapeutic options available for patients to be offered.  The same applies for conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, pain, autoimmune conditions, and on and on.  Yet, despite the availability of so many options for so many conditions, we still don’t achieve optimal control for many patients suffering from various ailments.  Hence the need for more therapeutic options.  The need for continued investigation, and research and development of new drugs. Billions of dollars are invested every year into R&D of new therapeutics for patients.  But what if there were treatment options already in existence that patients and doctors were unaware of?   Or ones they didn’t have access to?

The Discovery Process

The process of finding and developing new therapeutics is exhaustive, expensive and slow.  It’s  important, and it must continue, because somewhere in the world, some brilliant mind may be on the verge of discovering the safe, effective, and side-effect free way to treat: cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, pain, obesity and every other condition that afflicts us.

Along the way, and until those treatments are available, we will make-do with what we have available to us. Imperfect though they are, they offer benefit for many.  We accept them with their ‘imperfections’, deemed ‘side-effects’ including both minor or serious side effects, because of the fact that some people are benefitted by them.  Physicians, researchers and patients accept the fact that many do not experience a benefit, but as long as SOME patients do, and the benefits outweigh the risks, they are useful.

Pre-Pharmaceutical Times

Before the age of pharmaceutical medicines, healers throughout the ages treated conditions with dietary interventions and plant-based medicines.  Aristotle said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”, and now thanks to fascinating insights into the workings of the our microbiome, we understand much better the actual WAY; called the mechanism of action, whereby foods, mostly plants and whole-grains can have therapeutic effects on our health.  The therapeutic benefits of plants have been forced to take a back-seat to synthetic therapies, which have the rigor and the time and investment of years and millions of dollars and  randomized-controlled trials to prove their efficacy.  None-the-less, many plant-based therapies do have very complex, very definite effects upon our bodies.  Cannabidiol is one such plant-based therapeutic option.  Cannabidiol, or CBD is only one of hundreds of molecules in hemp plants that is able to act upon cells throughout our bodies, to result in helpful, beneficial effects for many patients experiencing many conditions.  Its use can result in improvements in conditions including: inflammation, anxiety, itching, seizures, muscle spasticity, pain, insomnia, and autoimmune conditions, to name a few disorders with scientific support.

Existing Treatments?

There are currently no treatments in existence, either pharmaceutical or holistic that are 100% effective for all patients.  While this applies to cannabis and hemp-based therapies as well, CBD shows exceptional safety data, and tremendous promise and potential relief for many patients.  The laboratory science on CBD and other cannabinoid molecules is extensive and more research is ongoing.  The safety data on cannabidiol is incredibly reassuring, and the relief it provides many patients is very real.

We at H-empirical CBD are proud to offer an exceptionally high-quality, organic, gluten-free line of CBD products that are free from pesticides, mold, and other biological contaminants.  Our products come in a wide array of strengths, and options for route of administration to meet the unique needs of most patients.  We invite you to try our products, and join our family of patients who are benefitting from them.


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