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Cannabis is Medicine

Cannabis Medicine. The Final Frontier?

By October 27, 2020 No Comments

Cannabis Medicine.  The Final Frontier?

Is it really possible that there is still controversy regarding the question of whether cannabis is medicine?  Apparently it is.

Despite the fact that 33 of 50 states in the USA have medical marijuana laws on their books; despite over 20,000 peer-reviewed publications on cannabis on PubMed, the national library of medicine’s search engine for medical research; despite the fact that there are 3 FDA-approved cannabis-related pharmaceutical products and one FDA-approved cannabis-derived product for treatment of a variety of conditions, and despite the fact that we know that all humans (in fact, all vertebrate creatures) have in our bodies, endocannabinoid molecules (internally produced compounds that are structurally similar to plant cannabinoids present in cannabis plants); a system of receptors for these compounds found on cells in nearly every organ system in our bodies, and the enzymes that degrade and synthesize these molecules, and despite a known history of thousands of years of plant cannabinoids used as medicine in civilizations around the globe.

The reasons why people continue to reject that fact that cannabis is medicine, and that its actually REALLY GOOD medicine are myriad, and complex.  They aren’t necessarily valid, and they aren’t based on science.  They are rooted in the nearly century old campaign to malign the plant, and in decades of indoctrination and propaganda, teaching us falsehoods about this healing plant.

What’s Your Belief System?

For those people who still believe that marijuana is a gateway drug; that myth has been thoroughly debunked, and it even appears that cannabis is more likely to be an ‘exit-drug’, meaning that it’s use could potentially help patients to break their dependency on many prescription drugs including opiates, that we know are dangerous.  The focus on the global SARS-Covid19 pandemic has shifted our focus away from the nearly 60,000 opiate-related deaths that happen annually in the United States and away from nearly every other malady that we experience as a culture.

Research from the Drug Policy Alliance summarizes a vast body of research documenting that the vast majority of marijuana users do not go on to use other ‘harder’ drugs; or to become addicted to marijuana or other drugs.

For people who believe that marijuana is simply a recreational drug, and lacking in medicinal value, I would refer those people to the PubMed website and the over 20,000 scientific articles documenting how the various cannabinoids found in the plant interact with a number of cellular receptors in our bodies, to regulate the function of dozens of systems, including our immune system, our brain functions, our muscles, digestive system, and skin, among many others.  The science is incontrovertible.  And it is absolutely fascinating.

A First Hand of CBD’s Therapeutic Effects

As a woman, mother, veteran of the US Air Force, a physician, and an auto-immune disease patient, I can speak first-hand about the amazing therapeutic effects CBD oil has had on my severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  It has been able to provide relief better than Humira injections did, and without the dangerous side effects.

As a scientist and a physician with over 24 years of experience providing direct patient care, I invite you to join me in my quest to expand the realm of treatment options we currently have for patients.

I invite you to join me in learning about how and why cannabis medicine may be a better therapeutic option for many conditions, including:  pain, insomnia, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, inflammatory conditions and many more.

I invite you to join me in experiencing the life-changing results this medicinal plant can offer.

Two of my dearest wishes are that patients can be helped through more holistic options, and that physicians can be awakened to the truth that pharmaceutical products are not the only ways to help restore health to our patients; nor are they always the best, the safest, or even the most effective options.

The H-empirical family is proud to bring patients an incredible array of CBD products to experience and benefit from, but also the education and information about how and why cannabis is absolutely, ‘good medicine’ for those who want to learn more about this incredible, healing plant.


Welcome to the family, and welcome to better health.


Dr. Wendy Askew

Dr. Wendy Askew

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