“A One-Stop Shop for Your Entire CBD Requirements”

H-Empirical is a leading brand in hemp-derived CBD products, with our affiliate offices in Atlanta, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Illinois and California. We sell premium CBD products, free from gluten or any other artificial composition. Through our constant innovation and a customer-first approach, we have become a one-stop-shop for many manufacturers and wholesale dealers.  We can manufacture hemp-byproducts from seed to consumer end products through the entire supply chain.

Every batch of CBD products that we manufacture undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing to ascertain their potency and safety. Further, our quality department ensures that all of our products meet the company’s standards and best industry practices to meet and exceed consumer expectation.

The materials used in our products are made from hemp plants, which are grown as per the State’s law. We are also genuinely committed to remaining at par with cutting-edge nutrition and production technology through our beneficial and life-changing health products. Made from the natural ingredients, we offer essential products that you can trust for your complete CBD requirements. Further, with the help of independent labs test, we are confident that our supplies are made with industry-leading technology for all walks of life.

Our Products

We supply a variety of Hemp-Derived CBD products. These include everything from CBD tinctures, gummies, to hemp biomass for satisfying the entire requirement of your business or personal needs.

  • Hemp Extract CBD Topical Creams
  • Transdermal Analgesic Pharmacy Formulated Creams
  • Roll-On CBD Oils
  • CBD Natural and Flavored Tinctures
  • CBD Natural Tinctures for Pets
  • CBD Gummies

About Hemp-Derived CBD

Hemp products are manufactured from industrial hemp plants harvested across several states in the U.S.A. The cannabidiol, often abbreviated as CBD, is a natural substance present in hemp and is one of the 85 compounds identified in the cannabis plant. CBD interacts with our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and helps to restore and improve its functionality without any adverse effects. The Hemp-Derived CBD products contain extracts from the hemp plant and are increasingly becoming popular due to their positive and healthy impact on the human body.